Crania represents twelve of more than one hundred mixed-media sculptures by Robin Peck. Each artwork in the series are titled with name, year, size, and the materials that constitute their forms.

Referencing both figurative and minimalist sculptural practices, Peck uses materials that are often associated with the detritus of the factory floor, the stuff of the studio, the garage, or the shed out back. The materials speak to the forms he is shaping (some resemble a mound, a dome, perhaps a head). Through an organic, open-ended system of inclusion, Peck moulds, pats and rasps these materials into forms that are determined both by the limits of the hand and the matter that makes up their mass. The mark of the hand is clearly evident in the shaping, attention to surface and final patina. These are sculptures that invite contemplation and reinforce the body as a primal way of knowing.

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